Consumer Goods, Nestlé USA

Wonka ClubDub

1:1 Ratio, together with lead agency Dailey Advertising, completed a top-to-bottom redesign and digital reposition of the Wonka brand. 1:1 Ratio conceptualized ClubDub, which integrated points-based, ‘tween-centric interactions, featuring games, cartoons, and contests.



Personalized, Gamified Experience for ‘Tweens


Each registered ClubDub user receives a customizable start page. Users can customize colors, content positioning and share their page as a form of “bragging rights” with other ‘tweens.

Users are encouraged to rack up points by playing mini-games and view animated cartoons. At the time of the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory theatrical release, Nestlé was trying to expand brand popularity to a young, ‘tween-centric audience. As such, we were encouraged to develop games that were irreverent, absurd and perhaps even a little crude.