KFC, Restaurants & Food Service

KFC Catering Website

KFC Catering offers a convenient way to set up catering services. KFC wanted an on-brand experience but functionality had to win over form to ensure a fluid, consistent, easy-to-use experience across the franchise portfolio. The engagement included extensive wireframe, usability testing, user interface design and style specification.



Extensive Meal Configuration

The application offers the ability to mix and match meal types, with extensive configuration options. The logic built into the application allows for up-sell opportunities and special officers, depending on region and franchise offers.



Catering and Scheduling Flexibility

The application allows users to fully schedule upcoming events, save profiles for popular configurations and also easy reconfiguration of options from the checkout menu before paying. Reminder notices are sent and payment options for catering companies.



User Persona Development for Exact Targeting

Before UI design, 1:1 Ratio conducted an extensive persona development process to ensure that we were designing for the right users, right out of the gate.



In-depth Wireframing

As part of our UX process, 1:1 Ratio developed full wireframes and interviewed select user test groups via Skype for their opinions on key features. The responses were baked into the design refinement process, before code was developed, ensuring a speedy development process and saving valuable development dollars.