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BK Delivers Mobile App

Burger King is venturing in the world of franchise-based delivery services at select restaurants nationwide, particularly in larger markets. 1:1 Ratio was engaged to provide market research, feature ideation and extensive user experience design of the BK Delivers mobile app. In-store usability testing was performed while the app was developed using Tillster’s proprietary order fulfillment software backend, in order to ensure the final product was best-in-classs.

The app provides for home delivery in certain markets and coupon redemption both in-store and at home.



Multiple Visual Design Paths

The BK Mobile App went through multiple visual iterations through the usability research phase. These are the popular results from BK’s multivariate testing.




Feature Ideation Through Extensive Wireframe Development

1:1 Ratio led multiple sprints of delivery and loyalty program ideation through extensive sketching and wireframing before the visual design phase. Each sprint was tested extensively with users both in small qualitative interview sessions and in-store.


Qualitative Interviews Led to Refined Features & Enhanced Usability

Through multiple rounds of usability interviews, both in-store and in small group sessions, we were able to refine the coupon and in-store reward redemption process. The net result was a very simple and streamlined process to redeem coupons and less hassle for franchisees.