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Ready! For Kindergarten App

The Ready! For Kindergarten App is an assessment tool for parents to diagnose their children’s reading readiness for Kindergarten. Through simple interactive activities and game play, parents can discover their child’s progress with detailed progress reporting and analytics. 1:1 Ratio was engaged to revisit the existing user experience with an eye toward clearer menus, progress reporting, metrics and parent engagement dashboards.



Pre-visualization and Consensus-building Through Wireframes

The Ready! For Kindergarten program is administered by program managers at the CRF. 1:1 Ratio led team members through consensus-building exercises and wireframe development, before embarking on the user interface design process.



Menu / Taxonomy Simplification and Interaction Design

Early test feedback from the app in development indicated that navigation menu taxonomies and interactions were confusing. 1:1 Ratio led a top-to-bottom redesign of all core menus, user interactions and visual design to simplify, streamline and enhance the user experience.



Simplification of Account Creation and Child Registration

As part of the redesign, we drastically reduced the time it took for parents to register their children on the app, making for frictionless sign-up and increased first-time adoption of the app.



Detailed Reporting and Performance Analytics Leads to Greater Trust of 1st-time Adopters

Initial feedback from test audiences revealed that the reporting features were vague and lacked detail in child assessment results. 1:1 Ratio worked with parent groups to determine a baseline for what they would consider necessary and helpful feedback when being presented their child’s assessment results. As a result, we completely redesigned the reporting experience to help ensure retention of first-time users.